La Crosse Area Celiacs Celiacs helping Celiacs...Serving the La Crosse Area
A support group for people with celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis in the La Crosse, Wisconsin Area.

About La Crosse Area Celiacs

La Crosse Area Celiacs is a celiac support group in western Wisconsin, founded in February 1993, with a goal to be a support resource for all persons diagnosed with Celiac Disease and/or Dermatitis Herpetiformis or those living a gluten-free lifestyle and their family and friends.

As an all volunteer group, the La Crosse Area Celiacs can always use some extra hands. The more volunteers, the lighter the load for all and the better we can support each other.

"Celiacs Helping Celiacs."

For more information or to volunteer your help:
please contact Ginger Horth at 608-787-8038 or

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